The Himalayan Beacon

The Himalayan Beacon


Beacon was started on 18 October 1997 by Barun Roy. The initial dilemma of Beacon arrived on 15 January 1998. The Founding Team included:

Editor: Barun Roy

Sub-editors: Subash Sthapit (Subash Sthapit in the future went along to become the Finance Manager of Beacon Publications which published the Magazine)and Raju Biswas (Raju Biswas later on went up to become Advertisement Manager)

Advertisement Manager: Vikash Agarwal

Advertising Professionals: Nishan Chettri and Amina Fareedi

Reporters: Prateeq Ojha, Asif Iqbal, Prashan Rai

The Editorial Head office after that ended up being situated at 8/A Toong Soong Road, Darjeeling.

The mag was originally published every 15th regarding the Month until April 1998.

The paper’s growing influence ended up being seen during its really preliminary publication whenever in Jan-August 1998 a number of Beacon exposs focusing on Bengal together with regional Administration ended the federal government apathy across retired workers for the Sidrapong Hydel Power facility.

In old age, Beacon transitioned from promoting populistic politics to getting a politically separate periodical; In 2001, Beacon Publications went broke and very nearly 90 percent of the employees lost their tasks. Beacon Publications had to turn off its offices and Beacon sought out of blood circulation for pretty much two years. In 2003, Beacon ended up being acquired by “The Mandalay Books India Pvt. Ltd.”

The paper relocated its headquarters to 118/A Dr. Zakir Hussain path, Elysee Lane. It has remained indeed there from the time.

Probably the most controversial or historic dilemmas of Beacon

The first problem of Beacon

Probably the most questionable issue of Beacon

The July 1998 dilemma of Beacon

1st in-house printed problem of Beacon

The 14th problem of ‘Rs 8’ Beacon

Several of the most questionable Beacon articles

Beacon published numerous highly investigative and mostly questionable articles with worldwide implications. While many associated with the articles like Troubles Unsolved fundamentally forced the western Bengal State Government to pay up all the repayments that it was keeping for almost 25 years from workers regarding the Historic Hydel Electric Project at Sidrapong, Darjeeling – articles like Asia claim on Indian Territory trigger major diplomatic scuffle between Asia and Asia which took years to heal. In the end, in 2003, China acknowledged Sikkim as an inalienable section of India. The am perhaps not looking for liberty, from their Holiness The Dalai Lama within the June 1998 problem of Beacon generated a major move into the Foreign Policy of several federal government all over the globe, including Asia.

The Controversial interview of His Holiness The Dalai Lama in which he gave the questionable declaration I’m not seeking independency…

The Controversial meeting of His Holiness The Dalai Lama in which he offered the controversial statement I am not searching for freedom…

Barun Roy, the president publisher of Beacon and Raju Biswas, the advertising management of Beacon. Biswas later left Beacon after Beacon’s grassroots journalism attracted huge political stress and manipulation.


^ a b Beacon magazines. “issues Unsolved – non-payment of Gratuity, Provident Fund or Pensions to Retired Workers Vol 1. number 1 to Vol. 1. No. 5”. 

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Vol.1. # 1. Jan. 1998 – Rajiv Gandhi – a Victim of Overseas Conspiracy

Vol.1. No. 1. Jan. 1998 – War Game – busy Political Drama today in climax

Vol.1.No.3 April 1998 – War in December

Vol. 1. No. 3. April 1998 – Why Separate State?

Vo1. 1. number 4. might 1998 – Asia’s Defence in Peril

Vol. 1. No. 5. June 1998 – Asia’s Claim on Indian Territory

Vol. 1. No. 5 June 1998 – I’m not seeking liberty – His Holiness The Dalai Lama

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